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26th April 2023

Author - Sarah Huckstep-Fagg

5 Ways we stage your home to sell it faster!

According to a 2022 report from Home Staging Association UK & Ireland ‘staged homes receive an offer in an average of just 45 days, and in 33% of cases, sell over three times faster than a non-staged home’.

There is more to home staging than just presenting a clean and tidy home. For your home to stand out, it has to feel like it could be home for a potential buyer, and for them to be able to imagine enjoying their life there. It’s vital to find the right balance between a warm and welcoming atmosphere and leaving the space neutral so it doesn’t feel too personal to you as the seller, which can result in the buyer not able to picture themselves there and losing interest in the property.

Home staging can benefit a wide variety of properties, including vacant ones. In the report estate agents were asked which properties they felt would most benefit. The most common answers were vacant houses (38%) and vacant flats (22%), as an empty and unfurnished building is hardest to visualise as a home. According to the same report, ‘home staging costs 0.5-1.0% and offers an expected price increase of 3.0%. That’s a massive 300% to 600% return on the cost of staging in less than six months. The most common uplift reported was 1%-3%, but one in six said offer prices were improved as much as 10% by staging.’

We can help prepare a property for sale by strategically arranging furniture and decor to make it more appealing to buyers. Not only does this help make it stand out from other homes on the market, but it also highlights the best features of the home to help buyers envision themselves living there. Here are 5 ways as can stage your home ready to sell:

Declutter rooms
Clutter may make a space appear messy and chaotic and can cause a space to look smaller, both make it unappealing for a buyer and can even lower the value. You can free up space by investing in good storage units and containers and putting away as much stuff as possible. Potential buyers want a blank canvas so they can imagine their knick-knacks in the space. For this house we ensured the kitchen was beautifully clean and tidy with minimal clutter, clear work surfaces and just a few key items on show such as a fruit bowl.

Buyers need to be able to connect with the property, so depersonalising your stuff can help them picture the home with their stuff in it instead. Start by putting away photos on fridges, surfaces, desks and some from walls. It is ok to leave some up but not too many that could be distracting or considered clutter. Consider replacing with nice landscape photos or something neutral. Take down children’s artwork from walls and fridge doors. Even in bathrooms de-personalising is important, which we are highlighting here in the staging of this house.

Maximise light and space of all rooms
It’s advisable to show buyers the potential within each space. They like to know that they have options. The bigger the rooms seem to a buyer the better. You can help give the illusion of light and space in a room in a number of ways. By including mirrors to create more light, opening blinds and curtains, removing rugs and unnecessary furniture, and keeping to a neutral palette for the walls, the furniture and the window coverings. We arranged the lighting and spacing of the furniture in this room, such as the blinds and doors open, allowing the room to show its greatest potential.

Add accessories specific to the style of your home
Items like throw rugs, magazines, cushions, books, or even little trinkets on the coffee table play a huge role in adding a lifestyle element to the feel of the house. Monochromatic shades of throws and cushions such as green, pink, yellow, and orange work best. Oil diffusers and candles can help create a calm, warm and welcoming environment.

Replacing old bed linen with fresh and adding new white, crisp towels can have a big impact on the ambiance of a room.

Plants can add colour and freshness to a room and can be pretty low maintenance. House plants are one way to incorporate wellness into your homes and promote serenity and access to green space. A vase of fresh flowers in the centre of your kitchen table can also be welcoming and impactful. For this house we have added a beautiful crockery set and cakes to add an inviting, homely touch for a viewer.

A photoshoot with our professional photographer
Once all of the above has been established we organise our professional photographer to take premium images, which we would then use on our website, our social media as well as Rightmove and Zoopla to advertise the sale of your home, reaching a wide audience.

‍If you have a property you are looking to sell, why not think about Home Staging to increase your chances of selling and profit! Contact us today to see how we can help.

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